Are you prepared to interview your applicants?

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1. Why do you want to work here?
2. What’s your greatest weakness?
3. What would your last boss say about you?
4. Why should we hire you?


1. The candidate doesn’t know whether they want the job yet. They came to the interview to learn more; you invited them to learn more about them. You wouldn’t like it if the candidate asked you, “Why do you want to hire me?” so don’t ask “Why do you want the job?”

2. It is just an opinion that people have “weaknesses;” it is not a scientific fact. Even if they do have weaknesses, why would it be any of your business what a candidate’s weaknesses are? You are not about to share your failings, so don’t ask for theirs. Ask what they bring to the job, instead.

3. Some managers are amazing leaders and some are terrible at their jobs. Just because someone is a boss doesn’t mean their opinion matters.

4. The candidate isn’t going to meet the other candidates for the job. YOU know what you’re looking for; they don’t.


1. What interested you in the job? (By the way, here’s what we liked about your CV.)

2. How do you think your background & talents suit this job?

3. What else would you like to know about the job?

4. How would this job advance your career?