Getting a new job in Lockdown!!!

Your dream job is waiting for you even during this lockdown

Tips on How to Get a Job in Lockdown

1. Do not Forget the Basics
As with all Job hunts, there are a number of crucial areas to focus on first.
• CV
• Cover letter
You will need a strong up to date CV. If you have a recent gap due to being made redundant then do not worry. Recruiters are having to be extra flexible and understanding at the moment they will understand!

When you have got an excellent CV, you’ll need to make a number of variations. Depending on the exact role you are applying for, you will need a bespoke CV to match. Having a fully tailored CV to a specific job role will instantly make your application stand out.

The same goes for cover letters. It is advisable to have a template in place that you can quickly and easily edit to suit an application. As with your CV, the more specific to the role, the better. This does mean applying for jobs becomes more time consuming but remember, applying for jobs is like having a full-time job – you HAVE to put the hours in.

2. Work on You LinkedIn Profile

There are two elements to consider here. Firstly, if you do not yet have a LinkedIn profile, get one. Secondly, if you have a LinkedIn profile, use it!
In 2021 social media is king and when it comes to looking for a new job it is no different. A huge percentage of employers use LinkedIn as a reference when looking at potential candidates. Having a presence allows you to portray a professional image of yourself before you have even been interviewed.

Another key part of LinkedIn’s importance comes under its jobs section. There is a plethora of listings posted to the site that are not always available on other job boards.

3. Contact Recruitment Agencies
Make the most of recruiters whose literal job it is to find others employment. If you have a particular industry that you are focussing on, then research who the best recruitment agencies for that sector are. Even if they do not have any obvious listings available, send over a CV and explain what sort of roles you are after.

They will be able to provide expert advice on any roles that they are currently looking for, as well as insights into the industry and the wider jobs market.

4. Be Open-Minded
The ongoing global situation has inevitably caused fluctuations in demand. Some industries have seen a surge in recruitment whereas others have fallen off significantly.

An element of flexibility is key at the moment. If the industry you are looking for work in has been affected, perhaps consider a temporary role elsewhere or a more junior role for the time being.

Showing an open mind and taking on new challenges may mean that you gain experience in new areas and discover strengths you did not realise you had.

Consider factors you are willing to compromise on and what factors will be integral to your workplace wellbeing and career goals. If you are using a recruiter, make sure they know what these are.

5. Get Ready for a Virtual Interview
Should you get through to an interview, it will most likely be remote for the time being. In the age of Google Meets and Zoom, this could well be done via video call, if not a traditional call.
If you are being interviewed via video, be sure to do a practice run with your tech, set up your interview space (being aware of your background) and dress accordingly.

6. If You Get the Job, You May be Onboarded Remotely
Do not let this phase you. Working remotely may not have been the way you intended to begin a new role, but there are things you can do to ensure the best possible start.

Create a great home working space, log in early on your first day, ensure you understand your daily expectations and get to know your colleagues from afar via video calls.

6. Look after Your Wellbeing
Job hunting during lockdown may throw up some unique new challenges, so make sure you are looking after your physical and mental wellbeing. Make sure you get some physical activity and reach out to family or friends regularly – lockdown can be a lonely and isolating experience.

Try to keep a positive mindset, job hunting can be a frustrating process at the best of times.

Always remember, utilise your support network! Whether that is friends and family, professional contacts you may have or a recruiter you are working with, make sure you use every available resource.

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