Jail or Bail for MD Lindsay

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I’m not a Celebrity but please get me out of here!!

I’ve been arrested & thrown in Jail by Alice Charity who are demanding £500 for my release

My bond needs to be paid by 1pm October 4th    

I need my friends, Colleagues, business community, to help secure my release…..

With increasing costs & demands for the services of Alice Charity they need the bond paying before I can be released as they want to continue funding & supporting vulnerable & disadvantaged so have taken drastic measures.

Alex has tried to raise some funds but we need more to reach this target & I don’t want him running solo too long so……. Please help me & support me getting out of here!

My jailors have assured me that all monies raise will be put to good use in supporting Families in need, Supporting their peoples pantry & Family support team

My friends will be contacted or can you please donate on my Just giving page

Thank you, Lindsay x