Recruiting in Lockdown

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Recruiting during pandemic & lockdown can still be done well!!

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused us all to evolve and adapt in many ways. We’ve been left with uncertainty, a lot of questions and we’ve been speaking to clients who are curious to know how this will impact their ability to hire. Not all employers are in a position to put recruitment on hold and wait for this strange time to be a distant memory. In fact, some are using this as their chance to have their pick of the strongest candidates in the market. We’re going to talk you through the changes in the market, the recruitment process and share some consultative advice that you may find useful for maximising opportunities and minimising risks so that regardless of COVID-19, you can continue to hire top talent for your business

What is the market looking like at present?

During lockdown, we saw recruitment take a back seat, as expected. Whilst people were navigating through their new home working set up, ensuring their teams were fully functioning and reading up on any changes to the industry, we saw close to 50% of the employers we were working with freeze their recruitment and others remained sceptical. Candidates were still actively looking and had a lot of questions around how the process would now work and whether employers would still be prepared to interview them. Employers have realised that as we face a time where nobody knows when we’re likely to be going back to ‘normal’, they need to evolve and work with the climate rather than against it. We’ve been advising candidates and clients daily on changes and new findings, providing consultative advice across the board. We’re working in true partnership which is where we see the best results and retention rates.
Candidates are more active than they have been all year with more being able to dedicate time to their job search, interview at short notice, and with many being furloughed, we’ve seen new candidates join the active marketplace.
So, how can you use this opportunity to continue to recruit? It’s time to evolve and make technology your friend. You may want to remain open-minded when recruiting for your team over the next few months and test whether different methods of hiring could work for you, perhaps they may even result in being more effective than your current methods of recruiting. You may even find that you want to continue to use these even when we come out the other side.

Solution Number 1 – Telephone Interviews
A lot of employers already use telephone interviews as part of their hiring process. You could look to have initial conversations with potential candidates over the phone. You’ll still be able to identify whether candidates have the suitable experience and skill set for the position you’re recruiting for. You’re also still able to gauge their character as a person. Ensure you’re asking the right questions in order to gain the information you’re looking for.

Solution Number 2 – Video Interview
If you prefer to “see” candidates when interviewing, you could hold a video interview. You could look to hold these through Zoom Meetings or through a WhatsApp video call. For many, this can feel the same as interviewing in person, just virtually! You also have the added bonus of being able to record these interviews (as long as you’ve got their permission) to be able to watch back or share with your colleagues – a benefit you don’t have when interviewing in person.

Solution Number 3 – Testing
Some employers carry out tests as part of their interview process. Look at how you can make these accessible to candidates so they’re able to complete these from home / online. If your tests are more skill-based, you may want to look at the possibility of hiring for cultural fit instead and have candidates complete a profile test.
How you decide to conduct interviews and manage your hiring process moving forward will speak volumes for your employer branding. It’s a great opportunity to create a standout hiring process. You may find yourselves outside of your comfort zone when adopting new methods of recruitment and they say this is where you learn most. Bring awareness to how well these new methods of recruiting compare to what you’ve historically implemented and whether you’ve achieved better results.

You can still hire a candidate that meets your requirements and is the right cultural fit for your company without meeting them in person. If you remain open-minded and solutions focused, you won’t have any problems with recruiting.
You’ve hired. Your new employee is set to start. How can you onboard them?

Preparation is key. If you have company laptops, phones, etc. that your new employee will be using, you’ll need to ensure that you have these posted and received by their start date. Delivery companies are still operating, you may just choose to allow for more time for these to reach your new team member.

Something useful to remember is it’s ok for this to be a new experience, for both you and your new team member. I’ve spoken to a few Clients that actually found it an exciting, new way of onboarding that they’d use again for remote workers even after COVID-19. The more curiosity you bring to learning how to adapt your process, the more effectively you’ll onboard.

Here’s some advice on things you may want to think about…
Channel employee engagement even before they start. Perhaps you could send a welcome pack, with branded goods. You could include your new employee in company updates and news, sharing positive things that are happening within the business to make them feel included and at ease ahead of their start date knowing the company is doing well. It’s also a great way to introduce them to your company culture.
Check in the week before they start. Ensure what you’ve posted has arrived, they have access to everything they need and give reassurance. You can share tips and experiences for positive, productive home working that they may find useful. You might want to bring awareness to the language you use and keep the experience positive. If you make a note to stick to positive talk only, it’s likely to be a more engaging, fun process for all. Hold a video call on the morning of their first day, share your screen with them to show them around the new systems. There are so many ways you can talk through systems and processes online, similar to how you would in an office.
On their first day, host a video call, ask your team to be in on the call and to introduce themselves. You could even prepare a few fun questions and get to know each other better over the call. A great way to feel connected.
Use a buddy system, which some already do! You could pair your new employee with an existing one.

Check in regularly and remain open for support. Starting a new job can be a daunting time for some, by remaining in contact with your new employee who may feel reluctant to call with questions, you will certainly put them at ease.
As a lot of employers already are, look at new ways to keep your team engaged, connected and keep morale high.If you used a recruitment agent to help find your new employee, you could speak to them about their aftercare plans.

What does the future hold for recruitment.
This won’t last forever. We will come out the other side and our businesses will be stronger for it. As we’ve said, you may discover new ways or recruiting staff and keeping your employees engaged that you wouldn’t have discovered if it wasn’t for this shift in normality.

Throughout all of this, we have been given the gift of time. Something a lot of us complain about having very little of. It may be the perfect time to reflect, evaluate and build. Identify potential skill gaps within your business, forward plan, think about your employee’ and how you could perhaps better communicate that criteria to an agent or to the marketplace yourself to improve your recruitment and retention success rates.
Build on your employer branding by being innovative and market leaders in a time of uncertainty. Be the company people remember after this. It’s an opportunity to stand out and be different, challenging your existing processes and improving as a result, your recruitment process.

You’re going to need the right people in your business to survive. You’ve been given the perfect opportunity to find them and have them ready for when that happens. All you need to do is use it and take action.
For further consultative advice and a confidential conversation about any of topics discussed above, please do not hesitate to reach out to our director Lindsay Mitchell – or call on 01782756200