Women in Recruitment


Our very own Lindsay Mitchell, A Woman Director / Business owner / Mentor & Manager was asked what makes women more dynamic in recruitment & what makes us as women excel in what was previously a male dominated business.

These are het thoughts

Recruitment was once conceived as an industry of sales-focused, male-orientated roles, recruitment is now far more balanced and equal when it comes to gender roles. But what is it about recruitment that appeals to women like me? Am I drawn to the personal side of nurturing each candidate?
Is it the shift away from the “hard sell” mentality that once dominated recruitment offices? Whatever the reasoning behind it, it’s pretty clear that in 2020 women in recruitment are breaking down stereotypes and empowering other women to not only work well in this industry but to excel in roles that were previously dominated by men.

So What Does the Recruitment Industry Look Like for Women Today?

My personal experience of over 20 years in the recruitment industry had a very strong bearing on my opinion of whether the industry has changed to benefit women, however, there are some key indicators that show that despite us being a long way away from complete equality, women in recruitment are breaking down stereotypes and leading the way for other industries. Some of us even taking the plunge and setting up our own businesses
In fact, statistics have shown that employees who work under a female manager are 6 times more engaged in the workplace than if they were working under a male manager. .
Now there could be many reasons as to why women are much more effective in leadership. It could be that women are better at multi-tasking and managing a varied work-load.
Some say it’s due to a women’s ability to build a strong relationship with a candidate in a shorter timeframe than a man I believe us to be stronger listeners & more empathic
Or if you are feeling cynical, it may be to do with women having to work harder to achieve these roles and are therefore used to excelling through hard work!!!
So, what has brought about this shift in the recruitment industry from a male-dominated environment to a more balanced, gender-equal environment?
That is all down to the go-getters, the stereotype breakers and the ambitious women who refuse to hear “no”.
The women who believe in themselves that they can do just as good a job. The women who understand how much they bring to the table and how effectively they could use it would say being a female in recruitment is definitely something that pushes you and it pushes you to work harder! It motivates me to do the best I can because there is still somewhat of consideration that sales, is assumed to be a male-dominated career, but that’s really not the case anymore. Ethical Recruitment is about Relationships, listening, knowledge & skill substance over spin. It’s great to see more and more women entering the industry and being successful. This in itself spurs me on. Xpert Recruitment Solutions has been monumental in terms of my development as a recruiter and my career.

Recruitment really is a fantastic industry for women to be in thanks to the hard work and dedication of the pioneering women who have gone before us and who are still breaking down stereotypes and levelling the playfield for us all. If you feel that you are in a fortunate position in your workplace and feel you could help other women to do the best they can, why not offer to help mentor other female recruiters and give them the boost of confidence they need to excel as well?

Gender equality is moving forward in leaps and bounds, let’s all get behind it and keep the momentum going by supporting women in business & their talents.